FAQs About Drip Irrigation

We’re getting more and more calls about Drip Irrigation and that’s great.  Drip systems use a lot less water than sprinklers, plus plants, flowers, trees and shrubs LOVE Drip.  Best of all, Drip Irrigation can be easily integrated into your existing sprinkler system.

If you’ve been curious about Drip Irrigation and whether or not it’s for you, check out the following FAQS or Contact Us today. We’ll be happy to give you a FREE Audit and Estimate.

What are the benefits of Drip Irrigation?

Saves Water and Money
  • Up to 70% more efficient than sprinklers
  • Won’t damage siding or fencing with water blasting
  • Won’t “overwater” onto sidewalks, driveways or streets
Makes Life Easier
  • Can be used during windy periods
  • Can still efficiently deliver water to the soil even during hotter temps
  • Works even in clay and sandy soils
  • Can be easily modified, expanded or moved based on evolving landscaping
  • Doesn’t require trenching
Plants LOVE IT
  • Delivers water slowly, drip by drip, for more accurate, consistent watering to root systems
  • Maintains both an even amount of soil moisture and air in the soil, which stimulates plant growth
  • Plants and flowers grow fuller and prettier
  • Perfect solution for specific plants or shrubs that struggle with top watering, such as shrub roses
  • Discourages weed growth and disease

Where should Drip Irrigation be used?

  • In flower and vegetable gardens
  • At the base of trees or shrubs
  • In landscaping and berms
  • On sloped areas of a property
  • In awkward-shaped areas of the yard
  • In large pots and planters
  • Where you’ve plants with differing watering needs

Where shouldn’t it be used?

  • Overhead irrigation works best for grass which is why we use both overhead irrigation and Drip Irrigation in designing our sprinkler systems
  • Also, Drip Irrigation shouldn’t be used in annual garden beds where greenery is densely planted

What are the components used for a Drip Irrigation system?

  • Emitters
  • Tubes
  • Microsprays

How would Drip integrate with my existing sprinkler system?

  • Each Drip Irrigation area would function as a separate zone
  • Those zones would work off the same controller as your current system

How do you winterize the Drip zones?

  • While a Drip system needs to be drained of water, it doesn’t need to be blown out with an air compressor.