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Commercial Irrigation Services: New Installs, Repair & Maintenance + Customized Service Schedules

Foliage grows. Landscaping transforms. Weather is unpredictable. Keeping your grounds and gardens green and growing takes regular care. That’s why, as part of our Commercial Irrigation Service Programs we continually monitor your commercial irrigation system and property watering to help you maintain green landscaping and curb appeal.

Our Services Include:

  • Checking for damage or leaks
  • Adjusting water spray and patterns
  • Modifying watering schedules
  • Recommending ways to improve performance and conservation
  • Ensuring that your zones are not over or under watered
  • Ensuring your sprinklers aren’t watering mostly cement
  • Reviewing your watering schedule to prevent interference with peak business hours or customer traffic patterns
  • And more!

We Offer Customized Service Schedules to Meet Your Needs:

  • Weekly
  • Bimonthly
  • Monthly
  • Every Other Month
  • Seasonally
  • Fully Customized

For our contracted commercial clients, we also guarantee same-day response for service emergencies.

Below, Omaha homeowner and business exec, Steve, tells why he uses Quality Irrigation for both his home and his commercial properties.

We Design, Install & Service Water-Efficient Commercial Irrigation Systems

We sell and service water-efficient systems and products that help you save time, water and money. We offer you:

  • New, Water-Efficient Systems
    We begin with a comprehensive Free Irrigation Audit to evaluate your grounds, gardens and landscaping. Then we custom design a system that delivers water only where and when needed. You save on your water bills!
  • Updates, Renovations and Remodeling
    We tell you how to improve your system for the greatest water efficiency. From equipment upgrades to adjustment of spray patterns, to rezoning and incorporating smart sensor and controllers, we show you how to create, manage and maintain sustainable irrigation. If requested, you are also given options and “tiered” implementation suggestions to meet the needs of your budget.
  • Money-Saving Techniques and Technology
    Whether designing a new system or updating a current one, we incorporate water-smart techniques and technology including pressure-sensitive sprinkler heads, “smart” controllers, weather stations, moisture sensors, rain sensors, drip irrigation and more.

“By adopting and promoting water-efficient products, services, and practices, commercial and institutional water users can greatly reduce annual water and energy costs…”  Environmental Protection Agency

Want More Ways to $ave? Commercial Irrigation Services + Snow Removal

During the winter we offer snow plowing and ice removal for commercial customers only. If you are also one of our commercial irrigation customers and want snow removal, too, we offer you our Green & White Package PricingContact Us and we’ll tell you more. 

Fast & Easy, E-Invoicing & Remittance

Via E-Invoicing and Remittance, you save time and money. There are no checks to write, envelopes to address or postage to pay. We offer secure, confidential online payments and emailed invoices…but only with your approval.  Let us know if you’d like E-Invoicing. Simply call us 402-672-9297 or email us at

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