Video Answers to FAQs About Sprinkler Systems

General System FAQs:

When in the spring should I start my system?

When during the day should I run my system?

How long should I run my sprinkler system?

When should I shut down my sprinkler system for the winter?

Who will locate my utility lines prior to system installation?

How much does an average system cost?

Will you tear up my lawn during installation?

Why do you recommend pressure sensitive sprinkler heads?

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What if I want to add more landscaping after my system is installed?

How long does it take for you to come out and adjust a sprinkler head?

How long is my sprinkler system installation going to take?

Do I need to stay home all day while you’re installing my system?

Drip Irrigation FAQs:

Why Do Plants Love Drip Irrigation?

Will Drip Irrigation Save Me Money?

Where Should Drip Irrigation Be Used?

Where Shouldn’t Drip Irrigation Be Used?

How Can Drip Irrigation Make My Life Easier?

How Would Drip Irrigation Integrate with My Sprinkler System?

Want to know…

How to adjust your sprinkler system controller?
How to shutdown your sprinkler system?
How to water in a drought? And more?

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And if you’re looking for instructional  information about how and when to water your lawn, check out our Tips & How-Tos page.

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We’re not landscapers or building contractors who install sprinkler systems on the side. We’re one of a few dedicated Omaha sprinkler companies.. We proudly feature the industry’s major brands including Hunter, Rain Bird and Toro and offer excellent warranties on labor as well as parts: 5 years on parts and 2 years on labor.

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