Perimeter Pest Control

Keep Insects from Invading Your Home

Get the peace of mind knowing that you're in experienced hands.

With our perimeter (foundation) pest control service, our trained licensed technicians spray the foundation of your home to control for spiders, ants, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, beetles, pillbugs, and many other creepy crawly pests.  The concept of perimeter control is like a "shield". The professional-grade pest control product acts as a "barrier" that keeps pests away.

With perimeter pest control services, a key benefit is that the technician does not need to come into your home.  We develop a custom treatment plan for your property, identifying potential places where pests can enter or hide.

While we can’t speak to what other foundation pest control services in Omaha are using, at Quality we use specific pro-grade products to target problem insects. Excellent products, professionally-applied are your best defense. 

If you're starting to see insect activity, don't delay. Starting in spring, each generation of insects tends to get larger.

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