Sprinkler System Installations

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You’ll Love How Much Time, Water & Money You’ll Save with a Quality Irrigation Sprinkler System

At Quality Irrigation we don’t offer a single sprinkler solution for one and all. Instead, we give you choices—both in terms of design and budget—and create a system that will:

  • Meet the needs of your property
  • Match your budget
  • Be easy to operate
  • Reduce your water usage
  • Help you save money on your water bills
  • Distribute the right amount of water when/where needed
  • Help keep your lawn and landscaping healthy
  • Make your grass a lot greener and your life a little easier

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Fast, Convenient & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whatever your needs and wants, we’ll provide system recommendations based on your landscape layout, soil type, topography and sun/shade intensity…and give you budget options options.

For example:

  • A Quality First System: When dollars are limited or you need/want to start small—or in stages—we’ll design and recommend a system that delivers the right coverage but that can expand in the future as your landscaping and budget grow.
  • A Quality Custom System: A Quality Custom System is comprehensively designed to meet your property’s unique watering needs. Drip irrigation, water-efficient components and more can be incorporated to help ensure your grounds and greenery thrive while you save water, time and money.

Did You Know… According to the EPA, a Water-Efficient Sprinkler System Can $ave You Up to 40% On Your Water Bills?

Talk to Our Design Expert

  • Your system installation usually takes place in just one day and is scheduled at your convenience.
  • Our installers are professionals. They know what they’re doing, work quickly and efficiently and are respectful of your home and grounds.
  • We show you how to control the system and answer any questions you may have. Plus, our technicians are excellent communicators and will are pleased to explain how to operate your system step-by-step.
  • We offer OUTSTANDING service after-the-sale to make sure your system is performing the way it should and that you’re pleased with the results.
  • We are licensed, insured and back our work. Plus we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.  Our customers like us so much, they refer us to family and friends.

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Omaha homeowners, Don & Sherene, describe their new sprinkler system installation.