Our Installation Process

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Tired Of Hauling Heavy Hoses in the Heat? Here’s How We Make Your Life Easier

New Homeowner, Stephanie, Tells Why She Chose Us to Install Her New Sprinkler System.

Begin with an On-site Consultation with a Trained Designer

  • Our trained designer meets you on-site to learn about your needs  and to tailor the design for the system to your yard’s requirements.
  • Once you sign the agreement, we go to work.
  • We contact major utility providers to locate the utility lines on your property. You advise us of the location of all private lines such as gas grill lines, landscape lighting, invisible dog fences, etc.
  • We work with a licensed plumber to install the code-required backflow prevention device.
  •  Your property and your Omaha sprinkler system are “zoned” so that the right amount of water is delivered to each zone and only as needed.
  • Pipes are typically laid 8-12 inches deep unless there are mature trees. In those areas we may dig less deep to prevent root damage.
  • We don’t tear your yard up with a saw-type trencher but instead use a vibratory plow that cuts a thin “slit” in the grass. In most cases, damage to the yard is minimal and within 4-6 weeks you can’t even tell we were there.
  • Where appropriate and affordable, drip irrigation is recommended. Drip Irrigation can be 30% – 50% more efficient than standard watering and doesn’t require disruption to plant roots.
  • “Smart” controllers and rain sensors are also recommended so that your new lawn sprinkler system only operates when needed. These components are affordable and pay for themselves quickly.
  • After installation, we show you how to operate everything and leave your property as pristine as possible. Then we check back with you to make sure that 1) all is working the way you want it and 2) you’re happy with your new Quality Irrigation system.
  • You RELAX knowing that you’re watering more efficiently and effectively AND that your system is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • You ENJOY your green and growing landscaping… as well as the time you’re saving to spend on more important things in life.

We give you choices in terms of system designs and costs. Our designer will explain everything and will let you make the decisions.

Have questions? Just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to answer any and all of them. You may also want to check out our FAQ’s.