Sprinkler System Updates & Upgrades

Has Your Yard Outgrown Your Sprinkler System? Maybe It’s Time for a Sprinkler System Upgrade.

Ideally, the best way to design and install a sprinkler system is when the landscape plan is complete — but that’s not usually how it works in practice. Why?

  • Many sprinkler systems are installed by homebuilders right after construction — before sod is laid, before knowing buyer’s landscape preference, before pools and patios are installed.
  • Or new homeowners rush to install an irrigation system— eager to keep their sun-baked grass green and thriving.
  • Lack of funds: Often a durable sprinkler system is last on the list of a new homeowners’ budget priorities.

That’s why often a typical sprinkler installation is a cookie-cutter design where sprinkler heads just line the perimeter of the yard.

What’s wrong with that? Absolutely nothing…if all you want is grass. But today, even homeowners who insist on low maintenance demand trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses and unique landscape features.  Plus their landscape needs change with children and pets.

And even custom designed sprinkler systems eventually need updating because most homeowners add their landscaping and hardscaping over time. These changes can cause issues with adequate coverage and system efficiency.

Updating Your Sprinkler System Is Simple

We can come to your home and inspect how well your system is watering your evolving landscape and provide suggestions to:

  • Move or add sprinkler heads for more efficient coverage and water distribution.
  • Use taller pop-up heads (never unsightly risers) to clear impediments: foliage, raised berms, etc.
  • Replace or modify components for increased water efficiency, less chance for maintenance damage and reduced utility costs
  • Create separate zones for your flower beds and landscaped areas;  or sunny and shady areas.
  • Change sprinkler types to new spray patterns and coverage areas — for example: converting from grass to landscape bed, or vice versa.
  • Show you how it easy it is to irrigate your vegetable gardens, flower beds…even your large flowerpots with the addition of drip irrigation!
  • Upgrading to WiFi-connected control equipment so you can manage and monitor your system from a mobile device.

Sprinkler Fixes and Upgrades Help You Save on Water Bills

All things considered, a small investment in a sprinkler system upgrade will pay big dividends in a greener, prettier, more water-wise yard…that will save you water and money! For example, upgrading to pressure regulating (PRS) sprinkler heads can cut water usage by 46,000 gallons a year in a standard system. That’s equivalent to flushing your toilet 63 times a day for a year! Want to find our more? Simply Contact Us today.