Sprinkler System Rain Sensors

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A Wireless Rain Sensor: What’s Not to Love?

We have lots of ways to save you time and money while keeping your grass green and growing. For example, we always use water-efficient components when installing or repairing lawn sprinklers. In addition, we sell and service smart controllers, weather stations and wireless rain sensors that not only make it easier for you to keep your lawn green and growing but also help you conserve water and cut your utility bills. 

Homeowners like our wireless rain sensors for their residential sprinkler systems because the sensors:

  • Work with almost all systems
  • Are small and inconspicuous
  • Are very affordable
  • Pretty much run themselves
  • Keep you from watering in the rain
  • Prevent lawn diseases due to over-watering
  • Can be installed in almost no time at all; your system doesn’t have to be on

Here’s why homeowner, Ann, chose to have a wireless rain sensor installed.

“If homeowners hired WaterSense irrigation partners to perform regular maintenance on their irrigation systems, each household could reduce water used for irrigation by 15 percent, or about 9,000 gallons annually. WaterSense irrigation partners can help you reduce your water consumption, save money, and maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape. These professionals are certified … for their expertise in water-efficient irrigation technology and techniques.”  – EPA

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