Sprinkler System Blowout & Winterization

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A sprinkler system Winterization & Blowout should be performed by a professional.

  • To do it right, you need a high-volume air compressor (you cannot use a shop-type compressor).
  • If you don’t fully blow out all components, water can get left behind at low points. These pipe sections or components will freeze and break.
  • Once that happens, you’re looking at time-consuming, costly repairs. 

Why risk doing it yourself or working with a shoddy service provider? Let us do it for you…the right way.

  • We can quote you the standard cost by phone, and add you to our schedule.
  • It’s even more affordable if you’re one of our Membership Maintenance Plan customers.
  • But don’t wait! Our most convenient days/times book up fast.

REMEMBER: Mid-October is the average date for Omaha’s first freeze according to the National Weather Forecast Office. So plan ahead!

Our Comprehensive, Worry-Free, Leave-It-To-Us Winterization

Here’s how we’ll Winterize & Blowout your sprinkler system:

  • We’ll turn off your water–inside and outside–and ensure that your controller and system are shut down correctly.
  • Using a high-volume air compressor and industrial air lines we will blow out each and every zone of your system, one zone at a time, and remove any water that may be left in your pipes. In Nebraska, this is essential to protect your system in freezing weather.   Unlike a shop-type compressor, our units use high volume (not high-pressure) air to evacuate the system so there's no chance of bursting or damage to components.
  • If problems are discovered during winterization and repairs needed, we’ll either recommend immediate or spring “fixes” and give you an idea as to cost.
  • We’ll also discuss with you any issues or wants you may have regarding your irrigation and provide recommendations.

Emergency Shutdown Instructions: How to Protect Your Pipes if a Freeze Threatens

We all know that weather can change dramatically within hours. If we haven’t gotten out to professionally shutdown and winterize your system and a sudden freeze threatens, there are steps you can take to protect your pipes until we can get out to your home.

Simply go to our Emergency Shutdown Instructions page where you’ll find step-by-step sprinkler system shutdown instructions and helpful, how-to videos.

Hear why Travis recommends Quality Irrigation for system Winterizations and more.

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