Hunter, Rain Bird & Toro Irrigation Products

We Proudly Feature the Industry’s Premier Brands: Rain Bird, Toro & Hunter Sprinkler Systems

Rain Bird® Sprinkler Systems

Quality Irrigation is proud to be a Rain Bird Select Contractor, which means that we’ve been pre-screened by Rain Bird for their customer referral program and use Rain Bird products and services in the design and repair of our residential and commercial sprinkler systems in Omaha.

Ryan Jardine, Quality Irrigation president, is currently featured on the Rain Bird website and The Q crew is featured in a video on Rain Bird’s PGA series product page illustrating the benefits of Rain Bird’s PGA valves.

Founded in 1933, Rain Bird Corporation is a leading manufacturer and provider of residential, commercial and agricultural irrigation in 130 countries around the world. The privately held company owns 130 patents including one for the first impact sprinkler that revolutionized the food production industry and ushered in a worldwide shift in irrigation.

Today, Rain Bird offers 4,000 different products and services and continues to create innovate solutions that deliver superior results while using less water. Since the beginning, the company has been committed to “The Intelligent Use of Water™” and keeping landscapes around the world beautiful while conserving water, a finite resource.

Toro® Sprinkler Systems

The Toro® Company provides innovative solutions for every irrigation challenge, which is why Quality Irrigation also chooses to feature Toro sprinklers, products and services.

The global corporation offers turf, landscape, rental and construction equipment as well as irrigation products and services for homes and businesses of all sizes, golf courses, resorts and more. The Toro Company takes pride in providing innovative solutions that help make people’s lives easier and better, while both protecting and enhancing human and natural resources on which we all depend.

Hunter® Sprinkler Systems

Headquartered in San Marcos, CA since 1981, Hunter® Industries is a global leader in providing high quality, efficient irrigation solutions for homeowners and commercial property owners around the world, and Quality Irrigation proudly offers Hunter irrigation systems, products and services.

The company’s core business focus has always been to produce products that use as little water and energy as possible while allowing irrigation professionals to create beautiful landscapes. To that end, Hunter offers such superior irrigation products as pop-up, gear-driven rotors; high-efficiency rotary nozzles, valves and sprinklers; weather sensors and controllers, and professional landscape drip.