Easy, Affordable Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Manicure. Add Color. Add Light.

Curb appeal is all about creating a “feel-good” emotional response to a property. While there are many ways you can boost your home’s curb appeal, all of the experts agree that it starts with your yard first. For example:

Manicure Regularly

  • Edge your walks and drives when you mow and keep your bushes, shrubs and trees trimmed.
  • Kill any mold and mildew growing anywhere on your home and kill or pull the weeds coming up in walks or driveways.
  • Keep your yard and driveway clutter and vehicle free.
  • If you’ve lost grass over the winter, repair patchy areas with new sod or seed.
  • Keep your lawn well watered so that its green and growing; a rain sensor helps.
  • Add fresh mulch in garden beds, berms and under trees.
  • Create attractive borders for your gardens, patios and paths using mulch, rocks or get creative!

    Add Color

    • Add some color to enhance the exterior of your home…flowers around a tree, colorful shrubs near the foundation of your home,  potted flowers near your entry… all will help draw and please the eye of the beholder.
    • Plan and plant for nonstop color. Don’t just make a splash in spring. Plant different types of greenery to provide color yearlong.
    • Make your front entry a focal point with a colorful decoration, wreath or simply by painting it a contrasting color.

    Add Light

    Give your home nighttime curb appeal with landscape lighting and interesting exterior fixtures. For example:

    • Use low-voltage lighting along your walks, drives and entries. Not only does this add beauty, it makes them safer.
    • Create focal points by spotlighting key landscaping elements or interesting architectural features on your home.
    • Add an interesting, decorative lamp or lighting feature next to your entries to complement the design and style of your home.