Installing a Fence? Protect Your Sprinkler System & Call Us First

Perfect World:

  • Fence first
  • Sprinkler system second
  • Sod last

Often True:

  • Sprinkler system first
  • Fence second
  • Problems third


  • Irrigation lines are cut
  • Sprinkler heads damaged
  • You’re watering fence instead of lawn…bad for both
  • Underground leak creates swamp in yard

What You Should Do:
Underground sprinkler system lines frequently run the perimeter of the property right where the fence is going to be installed. At Quality Irrigation, we try to stay a couple of feet away from the property’s perimeter when doing an installation if a fence is a future possibility. However, not all sprinkler system companies in Omaha do this.

  • Recommendations: While underground water lines cannot be specifically located (unlike utility lines), we can mark your sprinkler heads prior to digging and approximate where your irrigation lines run. Just give us a call.
  • If Damage Happens or You Need Adjustments: Call us. We’ll come out and quickly make repairs. In addition, we can relocate sprinkler heads and adjust water patterns as needed.

Digging in Your Yard for Any Other Reason? Ditto All of Above

Always keep your underground sprinkler system in mind when landscaping, putting in a pool or digging for any reason in your yard and don’t hesitate to call us if you want help. It’s better to be safe than sorry.