How To Update Your Sprinkler System

There are a number of ways that you can update your Omaha sprinkler system to save water and money. For example:

  • Use different types of sprinkler heads such as rotor heads, a variety of spray heads and pressure-sensitive heads to distribute different amounts of water in different ways at different times using just-right watering for your property.
  • Incorporate Drip Irrigation or Micro-Irrigation using tubing to apply a consistent trickle of water directly to plant roots. Drip Irrigation can be 30% to 50% more efficient than standard Irrigation and can reduce runoff and plant disease. It is especially good when used for gardens, flowerbeds, trees and shrubbery. It’s also a subsurface method of watering that doesn’t require trenching.

  • Use “smart” controllers and sensors so that your Sprinkler System in Omaha only operates as needed. These sensors, controllers and weather stations pay for themselves very quickly and require very little upfront investment. For example:
    • A Rain Sensor shuts your Sprinkler System in Omaha off when it rains and turns it back on when your lawn and grounds dry out.
    • A Moisture Sensor measures and monitors soil moisture and suspends your watering until the ground moisture indicates watering is needed.
    • A Weather Station programs and operates your Omaha Sprinkler System according to a multitude of factors including light, soil moisture, terrain and more. These amazing controllers turn the various zones of your Sprinkler System on and off based on the unique needs of your gardens and grounds and environmental conditions