Mosquito Control

Protect Your Family and Your Pets from Mosquitos, Ticks and Fleas

Stop swatting and itching and start enjoying the outdoors again!

Get back outdoors and really enjoy your landscape without worrying about mosquito bites.  With our landscape mosquito control service, our trained licensed technicians create a barrier of protection that will help keep these dangerous pests away. 

Control is applied to areas known to harbor these pests, places like shrubbery, landscape beds and damp areas under sheds or decks.  We develop a custom treatment plan for your property and schedule visits throughout the season so your yard is always enjoyable.

With our treatments, you can avoid spraying yourself from head-to-toe with OFF, candles, torches or other "insect repellents". Just walk outside and enjoy. And our treatments help protect your pets too.

Here in Omaha, the mosquitoes start early and stay all season. Start your treatment program today.

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